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Photo of Yomitan Pottery Village

Yomitan Pottery Village
Yachimun no Sato, Yomitan Village

Open year round, the Yomitan pottery village is home to about 45 artisans who create their masterpieces here. Be sure to investigate every path so you don't miss anything. Prices start from 500 but you can reach upward of tens of thousands of yen for some of the more unique pieces. The village holds an annual sale during the third weekend of December. Pottery classes are available through some of the potters; just ask for more information.

Directions: From Naha, head north on Highway 58 towards Nago. Keep left and continue through Kadena Circle on Highway 58. Turn left on Route 12 at the Kina crossroad. Look for a small sign saying "Village of Potters" in English. Turn right and follow the paved road to the left.

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