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Photo of Manzamo

Seragaki, Onna Village

Manzamo is a natural vantage point where over 10,000 people at once can sit on the cliff and enjoy the spectacular view often referred to in ancient Okinawan songs and literature. A young Okinawan poet named Yoshia Chiru is said to have received divine inspiration to write a poem for the Ryukyuan king after meditating at this spot. The style of poetry she helped immortalize is as important to Okinawan literature and history as haiku is to mainland Japan. A monument was erected here to honor her and her contributions to Okinawan culture. These cliffs have offered a serene setting for meditation and relaxation for many people over the centuries.

Facilities: Vendors selling souvenirs, food and drinks.

Directions: From Naha Airport take Highway 58 north towards Nago. From Kadena Circle, go north about 21 kilometers. Turn left towards Cape Manza.

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