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The World Heritage
Treasures of the Earth and Mankind
In 1972 UNESCO established The World Heritage, singling out natural, culture and historical sites around the world in order to preserve them as precious properties, rising above the constraints of nationality, race and religion. As of January 2001, there were a total of 690 sites -- 131 natural, 529 cultural -- in 122 countries worldwide. In November 2000, castle ruins and other sites in Okinawa were officially registered as part of The World Heritage, placing them in the company of such marvels as the pyramids of Egypt and the Grand Canyon. The Okinawans view these castles and sites as witnesses to the long history, exotic culture and enduring religion of the Ryukyus, enriched as they were by wide-ranging cultural and economic contacts from abroad. The preservation and care of these sites are a top priority for both the Okinawan people and the government.

The World Heritage (9)
Katsuren Castle Ruins
Nakagusuku Castle Ruins
Nakijin Castle Ruins
Seifa Utaki
Shurijo Castle Park
Sonohyan Utaki Ishimon
Zakimi Castle Ruins

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